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The islands were proclaimed a National Park in 1971 in order to conserve the islands' natural resources. There are 180 birds species from lilac-breasted rollers to flamingoes.
Other animals include dudongs, dolphins and suni antelopes.
The plant-life ranges from milkwood trees and coconut palms to causurina trees protecting the dunes.

The Tsonga people are the ethnic group living on the islands and they speak a dialect called Chitswa.

Only 3 of the islands presently have tourism. All the islands hjave an airstrip.
For a well-earned escape to an Indian Ocean Island, here's what we have to share:

Bazaruto Lodge - Bazaruto Island

Bazaruto is the largest island and offers guests A-frame chalet accommodation with ensuite bathrooms and tastefully furnished rooms.There is a large dining area and open-air bar.
The mood is relaxed and comfortable, thanks to the warm and welcoming staff.
It's a paradise for fishing, diving and snorkelling under professional instruction.
The lodge has a swimming pool and games room. It is an ideal family retreat.

For prices, see packages. It is normal to visit the islands as a fly-in package inclusive of accommodation, and meals. Packages vary in price depending on the duration of your stay and season.

Charges relating to facilities and equipment for various watersports are not included in the cost of fly-in packages.

You can choose to stay in any of the following hotels:
Polana, Cardoso, Terminus, Moçambicano.