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Deep-sea fishing

The Bazaruto area offers some of the most challenging game fishing in Southern Africa. Large black and striped marlins are regularly taken between October and December.
Prior to the civil war, specimens weighing in the region of 500kg were caught off the islands, and the recent record is more than 400kg. Sailfish can be caught throughout the year, with July and August being the best months for these fine fighters. The largest specimen so far is 55kg.

Other game fish to be taken include tuna, all types of bonito, wahoo, king and queen mackerel, dorado, rainbouw runner, prodigal son, giant barracuda and several species of kingsfish including the mighty giant trevall (Caranx ignoblis)

Saltwater fly-fishing has also taken off in the area and regular clinics are held where experts pass on the their knowledge to novices.
The sport has a growing following and conditions on the islands are ideal.
The much sought bonefish occurs in the area, and specimens of up to 8.2kg have been caught by local fishermen, though they have so far evaded the rods of fly-fishermen.
(From Bob de Lacy Smith, owner of a Scuba Centre.)

You can stay at different lodges (on the islands) or hotels (in Maputo) dependent on the destination of your choise.
All our accommodations are ideal spot for diving, snorkelling or sunbathing.

There are different packages offered, combinig excellent rooms on a half or full board basis and transfers from and to Maputo.

Option: game fishing and diving from Benguerra island.

You can choose to stay in any of the following hotels:

Polana, Cardoso, Terminus, Moçambicano. logo