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The Indian Ocean offers some of the most spectacular diving in the world and Mozambique is no exception.
Not only is it superb for diving but the perfect place to relax after a tour.

You can stay at different lodges (on the islands) or hotels (in Maputo) dependent on the destination of your choise.
All our accommodations are ideal spot for diving, snorkelling or sunbathing.

There are different packages offered, combinig excellent rooms on a half or full board basis and transfers from and to Maputo.

Exemple: diving from Benguerra island.
The Two Mile Reef has several interesting dive sites with a maximum depth of 20m. These reefs are completely unspoilt and teem with fishes ranging from tiny coral fish to the mighty potato bass and brindle bass. Manta rays and sharks can also be seen by lucky divers.
There are many other undived reefs in the area, notably the untoucheds reefs at Cabo Sebastáo, which offer the experienced diving opportunities to go deeper than 20m.

Also available: Learn to dive package.

You can choose to stay in any of the following hotels:

Polana, Cardoso, Terminus, Moçambicano. logo